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Frequently asked questions:

Want to move in to Rolling Hills? 

Email Request @


Due to the rapid growth of the community, the POA has revised the requirements for new builds requests within the Rolling Hills Colony subdivision. Please understand that we are here to keep the value of your land and ensure that all residents and future residents are adhering to the polices and processes. At anytime if you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the following statement please contact (New Builds Only)​  

Who is Rolling Hills water provider?
Trent water works  
Phone: 979-233-4537
PO Box 2647
Freeport, TX  77542

Who is Rolling Hills Electric providers?
San Bernard Electric
Phone: 936-372-9176 or 800-364-3171
PO Box 1367
Magnolia, TX  77353-1367

How much are Rolling Hills dues?
Currently Rolling hills dues are $60.00 a year with a $1 late fee for every month after January. 

Where can I mail my payment? 

Make checks payable to Rolling Hills POA
P.O. Box 581
Hempstead, TX  77445